Silk scarf "Flowers Network" Lacroix


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Amazing silk scarf in 100% silk twill. More than 20 digitally printed colors on beige fond. An explosion of flowers and borders as pink peony and red cranberry. Square scarf that is easy to style in various ways. 

The design: "Discover, conserve, cut up and distil. Such is the life of a master botanist. From one flower to the next, one formula to the next. From greenhouse to field, orchard to forest, a never-ending quest. Wild roses and peonies, passion flowers and cranberries - he puts them together and takes them apart - leaves and berries, petals and perfumes. The molecules bond together and combine, forming a thousand unique combinations. Could one of them contain the secret of eternal youth?"

Size: 90 x 90 cm
Material: 100% silke twill
Color: Cream, nude, green, grey, blue, rose, brown, olive green, terracotta, taupe, violet etc.
Care: Dry clean

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