Sik scarf "Do you speak Lacroix" pastel rose


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Exclusive scarf in 100% silk. Elegant pastel rose fond printed with the Lacroix reinterpretation of the fashion house logo in beautiful nuances and fonts. Easy to style in several ways around the neck, hair, head, bag etc. and goes with all the basic colours. The scarf is made in Italy and is delivered with a nice giftbox for storage.

Size: 70 x 70 cm
Material: 100% silk twill
Colour: Soft pastel rose, green, warm orange, blue, pink (and more than 20 other shades)
Care: Dry clean.

The design: "Option 2: Is it a bestiary? Is it a herbarium? An anatomy book? A collection of illuminations? A wizard´s ancient spellbook? Could it be the grimoire of an alcemist? Or maybe a botanist´s notebook? A calligraphy manual? Or an artist´s sketchbook? Wait a minute. I think I can make out some letters. A C maybe. And isn´t that an L? Ther´s an X just here? Of course, it´s the Lacroix alphabet!"