Silk scarf "Kyoto Party" Lacroix - light pink


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Another beautiful design inspired by a morning spent in a Japanese garden by Christian Lacroix. A classic scarf with exclusive hand made hems. Easy to style in several ways for different looks. Made in Italy. Comes with an exclusive gift box for storage.

Size: 70 x 70 cm
Material: 100% silk twill
Colour: Light pink, rose, green, grey, blue, beige, black, petrol (and more than 20 other nuances)
Care: Dry clean.

The design: "It is a beautiful morning, and the imperial palace is bathed in soft light as the emperor strolls through his garden of rare flowers. Rounding a clump of ferns, his meditative walk is suddenly interrupted by the sight of a maiko, adorning her mistress´s waves of undulating hair with a gold carnation. His sudden appearance flusters the geiko, and the rosewood silk of her kimono stealthily disappears as she follows the steppingstones to the temple of the jade dragon. No-one in Kyoto will ever know what was to follow, for the secrets of a geisha are impenetrable."