Delicate grey scarf (or shawl) in two-tone print


Two-tone woollen scarf, with beautiful print. The scarf is in two stylish grey tones - a delicate ash grey and a warmer grey, both on a light base. The scarf is divided lengthwise, with one half in ash grey, and the other half in warm grey. The scarf can be worn with either the light or dark side facing up, or twisted so that both faces show at once. A good size scarf, which is very easy to style. Natural fringes (2 cm) at the ends. This scarf can be worn all year round for everyday use or as a shawl on special occasions.

Size: 80 x 185 cm
Material: 100% fine wool in beautiful weaving.
Colour: Medium grey (ash), warm dark grey (smoked pearl) and off-white.
Care: Dry clean only.

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