A shawl is a simple yet versatile accessory. Shawls can add some interest to a neutral outfit or compliment an outfit in the same palate. A shawl can warm your shoulders when worn with a party outfit, be wrapped around you at the beach or be styled in countless other ways. Besos Scarves has a great selection of beautiful shawls in many sizes and colours. Our shawl collection includes classic monochromic shawls with fringed ends, beautiful pashmina shawls and cashmere shawls. If you prefer, we also have a range patterned shawls, available in many different materials for summer and winter, indoors and out.

Shawls in a variety of styles

A shawl is one of the oldest, most beautiful and feminine accessories available and can warm the shoulders and back on a cool evening. Whether indoors or outdoors, a shawl can always be worn with a beautiful dress, when a jacket or cardigan doesn't quite work. A shawl is usually rectangular, triangular or square-shaped. A shawl can be woven, knitted or crocheted and can be embellished with everything from delicate hand embroidery, to sequins or leather applications. Best known is the pashmina shawl, which is available in both monochromic and patterned styles in countless colour combinations. The ends can be fringeless, with a delicate natural fringes or with twisted fringes. A cashmere wool shawl completes any party dress and also works as an everyday scarf after the special occasion is finished.

Oversized scarves can be styled as a shawl

Oversized scarves can be styled as a shawl around her shoulders, neck or carried at the elbows and casually hung across the lower back. A shawl is a simple yet versatile accessory. Shawls can give an elegant touch to your outfit and complement an otherwise plain look. A shawl can warm your shoulders and can be styled in many ways. Besos Scarves has an diverse range of beautiful shawls in many sizes and colours. Our shawls are in a range of different prints, with fringed edges and include qualities that are suitable for both summer and winter. Multicoloured shawls with embroidery can be beautiful with a plain dress or outfit, while a single colour shawl in either a matching or complementary colour works well with a patterned dress.

We have a huge variety of shawls at Besos Scarves

At Besos Scarves you'll find a large selection of beautiful shawls for every occasion: whether you are looking for something to complement a party dress, a bridal dress, or a beautiful top or coat. Whether you a into a more classic style, a coloured shawl or a patterned shawl in a beautiful design, we offer the best selection from top brands including Besos, Moschino, Christian Lacroix, PolliniAndéol, Whiite and Kudibal. A shawl can be dressed up or casual and can, of course, also be styled as a oversized scarf around the neck.

Buy your shawl online at Besos Scarves

At Besos Scarves we have a large selection of shawls. Are you into oversized woollen shawls with handmade embroidery or exclusive shawls in 100% cashmere? Then Besos Scarves likely has something just for you. You can pay via Paypal, Visa or Mastercard and other major international credit cards. We deliver your shawl with UPS and give a generous 30 day return policy. We have free shipping on all orders over €200 and fast delivery. Buy one today and always remember a shawl in your bag on long journeys!