Silk scarf "Butterflies Eden" - Lacroix


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Beautiful square silk scarf with botanical digital print in the very best quality. The scarf is perfect for styling to all outfits around the neck, in the hair etc. Each styling gives a new look and shows new colors of the scarf. A scarf that lasts season after season. Hand made hems and made in Italy with the highest passion and perfection.

The design: "Marvelling at the kaleidoscopic rays of the sun, the lepidopterist silently observes his greenhouse. Over there, under the ferns, he admires the velvety blue of a pipevine swallowtail. Alightning on a gigantic palm, a common swallowtail and a sail swallowtail rest their multi-coloured wings. Suddenly, breaking the perfect silence and tranquility, a cloud of butterflies takes to the air, and explotion becomes profusion. A perfect moment of unexpected magic and ephemeral beauty."

Size: 90 x 90 cm
Material: 100% silk twill
Colour: Beige, blue, red, brown, terracotta, green, grey, blue, rose, violet, yellow, black (and many other shades)
Care: Tørklædet skal renses.

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