Silk scarf "Ocean Bloom" Lacroix - black


Large square 100% silk scarf made in Italy. The scarf is designed by Christian Lacroix, Paris inspired by a sea anemone in an explosion of bright colours. Hand made hems in classic red on all sides. The scarf can easily be styles in various way - each giving a new expression. Comes with an exclusive gift box for storage.

The design: "Deep in the slumber, the explorer flees to the deepest depths of the abyss. There, where Man expects to find nothing but eternal darkness, in a rocky hollow, he finds an explosion of colour. The anemone´s dazzling pink vies with that of the lobster. Seagrass and kelp sway with the current, releasing here and there a precious pearl. Could the garden of Eden lie at the bottom of the sea?"

Size: 90 x 90 cm
Material: 100% silk twill
Colour: Black, red, pink, green, yellow, pastel green, black, beige, aqua mm.
Care: Dry clean.

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