Double-sided silk scarf "Paradise" Lacroix - blue


Double-sided silk scarf designed with inspiration from the Garden of Paradise by Maison Christian Lacroix, Paris.The scarf is 15 cm wide and 160 cm long from tip to tip, which makes the scarf easy to style in countless ways, just as the 2 differently printed, sewn-together sides offer endless possibilities for styling the exact colors you want to highlight for different outfits around the neck, in the hair, as a belt or... The colors are countless and look incredibly beautiful on the double-stitched scarf. Invisible edging on all sides. Made in Italy. The Perfect Piece!

Size: 15/2 x 160 cm
Material: 100% silk twill
Colour: Blue, lavender blue, pale rosa, petrol green, pastel green, coral, green, golden, brown (and more than 20 other shades)
Care: Dry clean.

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