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Besos Scarves

Besos Scarves is owned and operated by Besos ApS, a Danish based distributor of high quality scarves, shawls and wraps. Besos ApS was established by Helle Sæthre and Hannah West in 2012 and has a vision to offer a unique selection of beautiful scarves from the best Danish and international designers. Besos ApS also owns the Danish webshop Besos.dk.

Besos Scarves' suppliers are carefully selected from the best fashion houses around the world and include some of Denmark's leading brands. Besos Scarves also has its own brand of scarves, shawls and wraps, BESOS, which are manufactured in collaboration with some of the world's most renowned textile producers.

Besos Scarves has a strong focus on quality, with each individual scarf undergoing rigorous quality controls. All of our scarves are produced from natural fabrics, of the highest quality, including cashmere, pashmina, wool, silk, modal, viscose, cotton and linen. Besos Scarves' suppliers are selected both on the basis of their strong designs and craftsmanship, as well as the ethical standards they adhere to during production. You can read more about Besos Scarves' inspiration below.

Our inspiration

Today scarves are among the most important of accessories. A scarf lets you express your personal style, giving an otherwise classic outfit an edge. A scarf can change your mood, warm you on a chilly evening or add a splash of colour to an everyday outfit...

Besos means kisses in Spanish. We believe that, like a kiss, a scarf can help transform your mood, make you feel special and warm you on even the coldest winter's day. It is Besos Scarves' dream is to provide inspiration by way of beautiful scarves for every style and occasion. Everyone deserves Besos! Read more about Besos' inspiration on our blog.


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