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Scandinavian and minimalistic: StyleStories 16.03.2014, 0 Comments

How would you describe your blog, My blog is my little forum for sharing my interest in fashion and my inspirations with others. My day job is in a completely different industry, so my blog is the perfect outlet for my love of all things fashion. I complement the blog with Instagram (@stylestories), which I'm pretty hooked on.

How would you describe your stye? My style is very minimalistic and Scandinavian-inspired, without too much embellishment or "noise". I love black and grey, so my wardrobe includes a lot of pieces in these tones, but I also like spicing things up with prints and patterns in muted colours and contrasting fabrics such as leather and cotton. I love raw detailing, for example in zippers and leather, but always balance this out with something feminine, otherwise it becomes too much.

Mette from

Photo from StyleStories. Mette's scarf is available in new colour combinations on Besos Scarves.

What's your typical everyday outfit? There's no particular dress code where I work, so I can wear most of my wardrobe during the week. My typical outfit is a pair of skinny jeans, a t-shirt and a little jacket, with a pair of ankle boots (either with a heel or flat), or pumps and ballerinas in the summer. I love cut-off jackets, and I have a lot of them.

What inspires you? I am inspired by a lot of other blogs, through Instagram and by online shops, but also by people on the street. I often take walks around central Copenhagen to "people watch" and take a lot of inspiration from that.

Who is your favourite designer? I do not know who the designer behind Billi B is, but I really like their shoes! I am not actually very into designers and high-end brands, and buy most of my clothes from high street shops such as Zara, H&M, Mango, Marks & Spencer and COS - I think they offer pretty good quality at good prices, but I also spice things up with more expensive things from time to time. I am, though, pretty fond of some of the Danish designers such as Designer's Remix, By Malene Birger, Day and Inwear, but I don't often buy from their collections as I think they are often a bit too expensive. In other words, I much prefer several perfectly good items than one expensive thing, although the trend in "blog-land" is to say precisely the opposite. If I were allowed to dream, though, I would say that I'd love several bags from Mulberry :)

What in your wardrobe couldn't you do without? I don't think I have any clothes or accessories that I will keep for life. I can understand, however, how someone might feel that way, if they had a Chanel bag or something like that. I guess I feel that way about several things in my home, that I have received as gifts from a special someone or have inherited. For example, I inherited a porcelain figure (a polar bear) from Royal Copenhagen and a 'Blue Flower' dinnerware set, which I am very attached to and will never get rid of.

Photo from StyleStories.

What do you think about accessories? I love accessories, especially bags, shoes and scarves, and I have a lot of all three! Most of them are in black, but I also try to venture out into other shades from time to time. The problem is that nothing in "colour" ever gets used as much as something in black. With scarves, I usually try find something with a lovely print or colour that can jazz up all the black and grey in my wardrobe. I have never been especially into jewellery, but I always wear earrings and a watch, and when I go out, I usually add a few bracelets and maybe a necklace.

What trends are you really excited about at the moment? I'm really crazy about leather at the moment - I love the softness, texture and fragrance of the material. Adding leather to an outfit seems to really upgrade it and give it the perfect finishing touch. I am also quite into animal print - whether leopard, crocodile or snake print. Adding a great print or structured piece really livens up my simple outfits.

Words and photos by StyleStories.

Freshen up your wardrobe 03.03.2014, 0 Comments

Paris Fashion Week is in full swing, and the trends that will define the upcoming season are beginning to emerge... When it comes to colour, classic cool grey remains the quintessential neutral, while both dusty blue and buttercup yellow are set to illuminate every fashionista's wardrobe. Freshen up your wardrobe today with one of our new season scarves!

Beautiful dusty blue scarf

Photo by Funda Christophersen.

Beautiful dusty blue scarf

Beautiful warm yellow scarf

Beautiful cool grey scarf

Looking for some styling tips?

See how Danish beauty Funda Christophersen, founder of Luelle Magazine and blog ByFunda, styled her beautiful Besos scarf in dusty blue below. Or check out our YouTube Channel for more inspiration.

Beautiful dusty blue scarf
Beautiful dusty blue scarf
Beautiful dusty blue scarf
Beautiful dusty blue scarf

Photos by Funda Christophersen.