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Besos Scarves' passion 01.12.2014, 0 Comments

Natural fibres

At Besos Scarves we are passionate about natural fibres like cashmere, virgin wool, alpaca, merino, silk, linen, modal and viscose. We carefully select our partners and suppliers, and are only satisfied with the very best, both in terms of raw materials and craftsmanship.

Cashmere scarves

Wearing a scarf in 100% cashmere is a lifestyle. A cashmere scarf makes you feel well put together and confident. Cashmere is the ultimate comfort and can dress an outfit up or be wore casually. Cashmere is luxurious in terms of softness and is uniquely comfortable around the neck and shoulders. At Besos Scarves' a scarf in 100% cashmere can be so delicately woven that it takes up to 150 km of thread to produce just 1 kg of yarn. A scarf or shawl in pure cashmere is almost weightless as a result of the ultra-short fibres it is made from. A cashmere scarf is like a soft and airy dream - a timeless piece of luxury.

Colourful cashmere scarves

Cashmere is beautiful in its natural colour, but is also available in a range of bright and and classic colours. Often several different colours are woven into beautiful melange shades in several tones and patterns.

All the details count

Besos' scarves are produced to extremely high quality standards. We focus on all the details, the edging and fringes, which are usually handmade.


Besos Scarves' suppliers have all implemented a high quality levels in the production of our scarves, using only the best materials and the latest weaving techniques .

Our philosophy

The majority of Besos Scarves' cashmere collection is manufactured in Italy by Italy's leading lanificios. The philosophy behind our selection of cashmere is centred around selecting the best and most beautiful scarves. Besos Scarves' cashmere scarves are available in beautiful blends with silk, modal and viscose. We are proud of our collaborations with the suppliers for Prada, Tod's and Armani.

See Besos Scarves latest collection of cashmere scarves.

Pink Saturday at BESOS 03.10.2014, 0 Comments

Tomorrow on Pink Saturday (Lyserød Lørdag) Besos Scarves will donate €10 to The Danish Cancer Society (Kræftens Bekæmpelse) for every purchase of this scarf.

The scarf is light grey melange in a beautiful herringbone weave, with contrast edging in a coral colour. It has natural fringes at both ends. The scarf is heat-treated and gives it a casual, relaxed look. At Besos Scarves we look forward to supporting The Danish Cancer Society.


A Man's Guide to the Scarf 30.05.2014, 0 Comments

Welcome to our guide to scarves for men! Here you'll find lots of inspiration and easy to follow styling tips. We hope you're inspired by some of the looks below and check out our whole collection of scarves for men.

Scarves for men

Above: A classic olive green and white striped scarf in the softest material wrapped around the neck to achieve a casual look. Can be styled with a jacket, coat, T-shirt etc.

How to tie a scarf

Above: The easiest way to style a men's scarf is to double the scarf in a loop around the neck. A super simple and classic look, but remember to choose a scarf in a soft fabric so it is comfortable to wear. Can be styled with all colours and key items (including a suit jacket, overcoat, T-shirt, shirt, etc).

Tie scarf

Above: Only the bravest men can get away with a checked scarf in dark rose! This colourful scarf gives a cheerful touch to a classic outfit. To style wrap the scarf several times around the neck and create a small knot at the front.

Men's scarves

An ultra-light silk scarf completes a classic look. Can also be styled with a t-shirt, jeans or chinos and sneakers to create a cheerful contrast to a casual outfit. To style wrap around the neck and tie it in a small knot.

Don't want to go wrong this Mother's Day? 02.05.2014, 1 Comment

Luckily we've got a new collection of scarves in stock just in time for Mother's Day! All our new season scarves are produced in Italy in ultra soft fabrics.

And to top it off, we're giving 20% off our brand new indigo blue scarf in washed linen in honour of all the mums out there (but only until Mother's Day, the 11th May 2014).

We hope everyone has a lovely Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Deal - 20% off this blue scarf in washed linen

Mother's Day Deal - 20% off this blue scarf in washed linen 

Unique pink scarf

Unique pink scarf

Unique grey scarf

Unique grey scarf

Unique blue scarf 

Unique navy blue scarf


Styling inspiration

As you can see in the photos below, our washed linen scarf in indigo blue can be styled as a scarf, shawl or sarong on the beach.

Styling inspirationStyling inspiration

Denmark's Best Male Fashion Blogger 2014: PreppyBeast 29.04.2014, 0 Comments

How would you describe your blog? PreppyBeast is a niche men's fashion blog, which primarily focuses on classic and preppy style. Through the blog, I try to show how classic traditions in men's fashion can be brought into a contemporary context.

How would you describe your style? My own! In creating my own style, I like experimenting with combining several different looks. The basic elements of my style are obviously taken from classic men's fashion, with the shirt, tie and jacket combination appearing frequently. I pair these formal pieces with sneakers, a hat or a bomber jacket, in order to create a more casual contrast. If I had to put a label on it, I would definitely call my style "preppy" or "ivy".

Denmark's Best Male Fashion Blogger 2014: PreppyBeast

Photo from PreppyBeast. Scarf from BESOS.

What inspires you? My inspiration comes from the catwalk, as well as trends on the street. I spend a lot of time surfing the web for great street style photos. Using these photos as starting inspiration, I try to identify the key elements in each look and pull them together in different ways in my head.

What's your typical everyday outfit? My typical everyday outfit consists of the following elements:

  • Blazer with white pocket square in the breast pocket
  • Oxford button-down shirt
  • Tie
  • Cropped chinos or slacks with turn-ups
  • Black leather brogues
  • And as soon as the weather allows it: Italian socks

How do you dress for special occasions? My normal formal attire doesn't really differ from my everyday look. My philosophy is that one should dress well every day! I strongly believe that how you look communicates a lot about who you are as a person.

Denmark's Best Male Fashion Blogger 2014: PreppyBeast

Photo from PreppyBeast. Silk scarf from BESOS.

What's the most important item in your wardrobe? My most important item is actually something that very very rarely gets used. This summer I bought a multi-coloured seersucker blazer from my favourite designer Thom Browne, which is very distinctive and special. It's my most important item as it was the first thing that I purchased from the revolutionary designer, and since then I've been filling up my wardrobe with Thom Browne!

What do you think about accessories? Accessories are essential to any outfit. With accessories you can express yourself on a whole other level and put your own personal stamp an outfit. For example, I NEVER wear a blazer without a pocket square.

What's your next buy? A new navy blue blazer from Gant Rugger or Thom Browne.

Wrap and shawl inspiration 21.04.2014, 0 Comments

The European spring and summer is traditionally a time of celebration and at BESOS there is nothing we enjoy more than getting all dressed for a summer wedding, confirmation or garden party. Unfortunately, in Northern Europe at least, the weather can be still be quite chilly in summer time - especially later in the evening after the sun has gone down. That's why we're of the view that a beautiful wrap or shawl is the perfect accessory for the summer party season - the right one can complete your look and keep you warm on those cooler nights.

Choosing the right shawl for a party dress can be a bit of a challenge. It might seem simplest to choose a shawl in the same colour as your dress, but our preference is always to find something which complements your dress without looking too 'matchy-matchy'. As we show in the photo below, it's possible to highlight a beautiful pastel coloured dress by styling it with a shawl in a matching cool tone. Working a tone-on-tone combination like this is always an elegant choice. A black and white dress can be styled with any number of different coloured shawls, while a multicoloured dress is most beautiful when styled with a shawl which accentuates just one of the colours in the dress.

How to style a shawl with a summer dress

The actual way in which you style the shawl is a matter of personal taste. The shawl in the photo above, for example, is styled loosely around the model's neck and shoulders, giving a simple yet stylish look. If you're going for a more casual look, you can always let the shawl hang completely loose around your neck, shoulders or back, with both ends down the front of the dress or covering the upper arms.

But remember: When you choose your shawl, it's important to focus on selecting something in a good quality fabric, or you might ruin your overall look. A good quality shawl or wrap need not be restyled throughout the night, but will remain as you first styled it for many hours. If the shawl is of a beautiful quality and nicely styled, the dress is actually less important - that is, a very simple and inexpensive dress can be made to look like a million dollars with the right accessorises. We often recommend customers think about upgrading an old favourite dress with a new shawl or wrap to totally revitalise the look. Believe us: it's all about accessories!

See our selection of beautiful wraps and shawls.

Scandinavian and minimalistic: StyleStories 16.03.2014, 0 Comments

How would you describe your blog, My blog is my little forum for sharing my interest in fashion and my inspirations with others. My day job is in a completely different industry, so my blog is the perfect outlet for my love of all things fashion. I complement the blog with Instagram (@stylestories), which I'm pretty hooked on.

How would you describe your stye? My style is very minimalistic and Scandinavian-inspired, without too much embellishment or "noise". I love black and grey, so my wardrobe includes a lot of pieces in these tones, but I also like spicing things up with prints and patterns in muted colours and contrasting fabrics such as leather and cotton. I love raw detailing, for example in zippers and leather, but always balance this out with something feminine, otherwise it becomes too much.

Mette from

Photo from StyleStories. Mette's scarf is available in new colour combinations on Besos Scarves.

What's your typical everyday outfit? There's no particular dress code where I work, so I can wear most of my wardrobe during the week. My typical outfit is a pair of skinny jeans, a t-shirt and a little jacket, with a pair of ankle boots (either with a heel or flat), or pumps and ballerinas in the summer. I love cut-off jackets, and I have a lot of them.

What inspires you? I am inspired by a lot of other blogs, through Instagram and by online shops, but also by people on the street. I often take walks around central Copenhagen to "people watch" and take a lot of inspiration from that.

Who is your favourite designer? I do not know who the designer behind Billi B is, but I really like their shoes! I am not actually very into designers and high-end brands, and buy most of my clothes from high street shops such as Zara, H&M, Mango, Marks & Spencer and COS - I think they offer pretty good quality at good prices, but I also spice things up with more expensive things from time to time. I am, though, pretty fond of some of the Danish designers such as Designer's Remix, By Malene Birger, Day and Inwear, but I don't often buy from their collections as I think they are often a bit too expensive. In other words, I much prefer several perfectly good items than one expensive thing, although the trend in "blog-land" is to say precisely the opposite. If I were allowed to dream, though, I would say that I'd love several bags from Mulberry :)

What in your wardrobe couldn't you do without? I don't think I have any clothes or accessories that I will keep for life. I can understand, however, how someone might feel that way, if they had a Chanel bag or something like that. I guess I feel that way about several things in my home, that I have received as gifts from a special someone or have inherited. For example, I inherited a porcelain figure (a polar bear) from Royal Copenhagen and a 'Blue Flower' dinnerware set, which I am very attached to and will never get rid of.

Photo from StyleStories.

What do you think about accessories? I love accessories, especially bags, shoes and scarves, and I have a lot of all three! Most of them are in black, but I also try to venture out into other shades from time to time. The problem is that nothing in "colour" ever gets used as much as something in black. With scarves, I usually try find something with a lovely print or colour that can jazz up all the black and grey in my wardrobe. I have never been especially into jewellery, but I always wear earrings and a watch, and when I go out, I usually add a few bracelets and maybe a necklace.

What trends are you really excited about at the moment? I'm really crazy about leather at the moment - I love the softness, texture and fragrance of the material. Adding leather to an outfit seems to really upgrade it and give it the perfect finishing touch. I am also quite into animal print - whether leopard, crocodile or snake print. Adding a great print or structured piece really livens up my simple outfits.

Words and photos by StyleStories.

Quality over quantity: Fashion Manifest 04.03.2014, 0 Comments

How would you describe your style?
My style is classic, but is also influenced by Scandinavian minimalism and the season's trends. As a blogger, I definitely need to keep up to date with the trends, but at the same time pick and choose carefully, so my style remains my own and not just a reflection of "what's in". This is easier said than done, but I'm definitely getting better at it!

Black Lily tie dyed scarf

Photo from Fashion Manifest. Scarf from Besos.

Where do you like to shop the High Street?
London is, without a doubt, my favourite city, but I also think Copenhagen is pretty good. I live right next to the shopping street, Strøget, so I often check out the high-street stores like H&M, Gina Tricot and Zara. The Danish high-street brands, for example Just Female, are also favourites. Otherwise, I do a lot of shopping online, including at ASOS.

Who is your favourite designer?
Maybe it's a little corny, but I love Isabel Marant. I am totally hooked on her simple everyday style, which always includes a few feminine details. I think there's something really powerful about her as a woman, which always shines through in her collections. She sets the benchmark for fashion, and is therefore someone to take notice of.

Who is your favourite Danish designer?
In my opinion, we have many talented Danish designers, among them Malene Birger. However, I think MUNTHE is very strong at the moment. The collection can be worn both everyday and for dressing up, which, for me, is really important. I am so excited to see how Naja Munthe develops the brand in the future.

What is the most important item in your wardrobe?
I have so great items in my wardrobe, which I am really grateful for! As a blogger, there are always so many new additions to my wardrobe, which means I am always getting rid of old things (otherwise I'd simply drown in clothes, shoes and bags). There are, however, a few things that I'll never get rid of, including my Balenciaga bag.

Black Lily tie dyed scarf

Photo from Fashion Manifest. Scarf from Besos.

What do you think about accessories?
For me, accessories are the most important part of my wardrobe, as they complete every outfit. They can make a cheap outfit look expensive, or, on the other hand, an expensive outfit look cheap! I, therefore, always choose my accessories very carefully. My motto is: Quality over quantity.

Which trends do you love right now?
Spring is well under way in Europe now, but starting back in winter we began to see a lot of pastel colours used in, among other items, coats. This trend is clearly not over yet, and I therefore look forward to combining my basic wardrobe with items in baby blue and pink. And a little bit of colour on my skin, of course.

About Fashion Manifest
Fashion Manifest is my blog and my sanctuary, where I write about everything that interests me including fashion, beauty, home, food and training. I always take a personal approach in my posts, so that readers get a glimpse into my daily life. I think it's really important to be real with my readers.

Freshen up your wardrobe 03.03.2014, 0 Comments

Paris Fashion Week is in full swing, and the trends that will define the upcoming season are beginning to emerge... When it comes to colour, classic cool grey remains the quintessential neutral, while both dusty blue and buttercup yellow are set to illuminate every fashionista's wardrobe. Freshen up your wardrobe today with one of our new season scarves!

Beautiful dusty blue scarf

Photo by Funda Christophersen.

Beautiful dusty blue scarf

Beautiful warm yellow scarf

Beautiful cool grey scarf

Looking for some styling tips?

See how Danish beauty Funda Christophersen, founder of Luelle Magazine and blog ByFunda, styled her beautiful Besos scarf in dusty blue below. Or check out our YouTube Channel for more inspiration.

Beautiful dusty blue scarf
Beautiful dusty blue scarf
Beautiful dusty blue scarf
Beautiful dusty blue scarf

Photos by Funda Christophersen.

Pretty in Python 21.02.2014, 0 Comments

Snake print is everywhere this season, and a stylish snake print scarf is the easiest way to incorporate the season's hottest trend into your wardrobe. Be inspired here.

Snake print scarves

Snake print scarf in grey

Stylish snake print scarf in grey

Snake print scarf in beige

Stylish snake print scarf in beigeSnake print scarf in black and grey

Stylish snake print scarf in black and grey

Snake print scarf in army green

Stylish snake print scarf in army green and beige

 Need some styling inspiration? Check out our recent blog post on styling a snake printed scarf, or watch one of our how-to videos on YouTube.

Spring competition: Win 3 scarves 18.02.2014, 2 Comments

We're celebrating spring with a competition, in which you can win 3 scarves from Kudibal, Codello and BeckSøndergård. They are all the perfect weight for spring, and can also be worn as sarongs during the summer months. The Kudibal scarf is in a beautiful pastel blue shade on a white base, the Cordello scarf is in black and white stripes, with neon green text and the Becksøndergård scarf has a green heart print with coral coloured contrasting.

All you need to do to enter the competition is like Besos on Facebook and share the competition with your friends. The competition closes on the 15th of March, when we draw the lucky winner. Good luck everyone!

Spring competition: Win 3 scarves
Kudibal scarfBecksøndergård scarfCodello scarfSpring competition: Win 3 scarves

Looking forward to the new season as much as we are? 03.02.2014, 0 Comments

Are you, like us, looking forward to the change in season and introducing some new colour into your wardrobe?

Start by choosing a scarf in the new season's palate from Whiite Copenhagen's latest collection. These classic prints in cheerful colours are very versatile and can be styled with everything from a coat, to a cardigan, to a blazer, to a classic shirt, or as a shawl over the shoulders. Oversized and in a beautiful quality (50% silk and 50% wool), they are the perfect accessory for the transition between seasons.



Win a camouflage scarf 07.01.2014, 0 Comments

Besos Scarves is celebrating the New Year with a competition! Sign up to our newsletter for a chance to win this stylish camouflage scarf in 100% viscose. The scarf is printed in a classic mix of army green, brown and sand nuances and can be styled in many ways (for inspiration check out our YouTube channel).

For your chance to win this gorgeous scarf, simply sign up for our newsletter here and receive styling tips, offers and news direct to your inbox. It is totally free to sign up and takes just 30 seconds!

The winner of the scarf will be announced on our Facebook page on the 17th of January 2014. The winner will also receive a personal notification by email.

Good luck everyone!

One of Denmark's unique style icons, Nadja Meyer, wearing Besos scarves 24.11.2013, 0 Comments

On the 14th of November Helle saw a fantastic program on the Danish television channel DRK about Nadja Meyer, one of Denmark's unique style icons. She is a really inspirational woman, with a great sense of personal style and a lot of charisma - so much so that many young fashion bloggers here in Denmark hold her up as an idol of sorts.

We met Nadja Meyer at The London Fashion Showcase, where we were invited by Vivien Life, HMA Ambassador to Denmark. The event took place at the ambassador's beautiful home, Bernstorffshøj, with a number of well known and up and coming UK brands represented. After having met her, we can guarantee that Nadja Meyer is just as amazing in real life as she is on television...

Below you can see how Nadja styled her Besos Scarves (a beautifully woven warm yellow scarf and a delicate grey scarf / shawl in a two-tone print). She is a great inspiration for every fashionista! She shows that you are never too old to have great style! Thanks Nadja!

One of Denmark's unique style icons, Nadja Meyer, in Besos scarves

See the scarf here.

One of Denmark's unique style icons, Nadja Meyer, in Besos scarves

See the scarf here.

One of Denmark's unique style icons, Nadja Meyer, in Besos scarves

See the scarf here.

How to tie a scarf: Something different 30.10.2013, 0 Comments

1/ Place the scarf in a loop around the neck. 2/ Reverse the loop 180 degrees. 3/ Feed the right end of the scarf through the loop from above. 4/ Feed the left end of the scarf through the loop from behind. 5/ Tighten the scarf, as required. 6/ Now you have a new way to wear your scarf!

The guide above is (hopefully) pretty self explanatory, but please ask if there is something we need to explain in more detail... It is one of our favourite ways to style a scarf at the moment!