A Man's Guide to the Scarf 30.05.2014, 0 Comments

Welcome to our guide to scarves for men! Here you'll find lots of inspiration and easy to follow styling tips. We hope you're inspired by some of the looks below and check out our whole collection of scarves for men.

Scarves for men

Above: A classic olive green and white striped scarf in the softest material wrapped around the neck to achieve a casual look. Can be styled with a jacket, coat, T-shirt etc.

How to tie a scarf

Above: The easiest way to style a men's scarf is to double the scarf in a loop around the neck. A super simple and classic look, but remember to choose a scarf in a soft fabric so it is comfortable to wear. Can be styled with all colours and key items (including a suit jacket, overcoat, T-shirt, shirt, etc).

Tie scarf

Above: Only the bravest men can get away with a checked scarf in dark rose! This colourful scarf gives a cheerful touch to a classic outfit. To style wrap the scarf several times around the neck and create a small knot at the front.

Men's scarves

An ultra-light silk scarf completes a classic look. Can also be styled with a t-shirt, jeans or chinos and sneakers to create a cheerful contrast to a casual outfit. To style wrap around the neck and tie it in a small knot.