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Natural fibres

At Besos Scarves we are passionate about natural fibres like cashmere, virgin wool, alpaca, merino, silk, linen, modal and viscose. We carefully select our partners and suppliers, and are only satisfied with the very best, both in terms of raw materials and craftsmanship.

Cashmere scarves

Wearing a scarf in 100% cashmere is a lifestyle. A cashmere scarf makes you feel well put together and confident. Cashmere is the ultimate comfort and can dress an outfit up or be wore casually. Cashmere is luxurious in terms of softness and is uniquely comfortable around the neck and shoulders. At Besos Scarves' a scarf in 100% cashmere can be so delicately woven that it takes up to 150 km of thread to produce just 1 kg of yarn. A scarf or shawl in pure cashmere is almost weightless as a result of the ultra-short fibres it is made from. A cashmere scarf is like a soft and airy dream - a timeless piece of luxury.

Colourful cashmere scarves

Cashmere is beautiful in its natural colour, but is also available in a range of bright and and classic colours. Often several different colours are woven into beautiful melange shades in several tones and patterns.

All the details count

Besos' scarves are produced to extremely high quality standards. We focus on all the details, the edging and fringes, which are usually handmade.


Besos Scarves' suppliers have all implemented a high quality levels in the production of our scarves, using only the best materials and the latest weaving techniques .

Our philosophy

The majority of Besos Scarves' cashmere collection is manufactured in Italy by Italy's leading lanificios. The philosophy behind our selection of cashmere is centred around selecting the best and most beautiful scarves. Besos Scarves' cashmere scarves are available in beautiful blends with silk, modal and viscose. We are proud of our collaborations with the suppliers for Prada, Tod's and Armani.

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