Men's scarves

Scarves have become a key accessory for men. They can underline a casual style, indicate a strong sense of fashion and have, in many instances, replaced the mandatory neck-tie. A scarf can be worn with a formal look (such as with a suit or blazer), or simply over a casual outfit of jeans and a shirt for a bit of extra warmth. A men's scarf can be monochromic, or in plaid, stripes or a range of other patterns, with the size varying from 90 cm in length (to be worn in a double loop around the neck) to several metres long (for a more bohemian look). Extravagant fabrics like cashmere are fast becoming a favourite among style conscious men. Choose your scarf for men among styles from Moschino, Besos, Kenzo etc. 

We have a huge selection of men's scarves at Besos Scarves

Fabrics such as wool, cashmere, linen and cotton, as well as mixtures of these natural materials are pleasant and soft to wear. However, men should be aware that a scarf in 100% cashmere is ultra-soft, and therefore easy to damage when worn by someone with stubble. Contact between an unshaven face and a soft cashmere scarf can cause pilling on the scarf. Scarves for men are often in classic colours including blue, grey, black and brown, and plaid or striped designs. A men's scarf in the latest colour or design makes for a more contemporary look and can give an outfit a definite edge.

How to buy a men's scarf from Besos Scarves

Buying men's scarves at Besos Scarves is very easy. At Besos Scarves we have a large selection of scarves for men. Regardless of whether you are looking for a monochromic scarf in wool or an exclusive handmade scarf in 100% cashmere, we have something for you. You can pay via Paypal, Visa or Mastercard and we'll deliver your scarf to your door with UPS. We offer free shipping on orders over €200 and always give you 30 days to return your scarf in case you are not 100% satisfied.