Besos Scarves offers a collection of scarves carefully selected from the best Danish and international designers. We only work with natural materials, so our scarves are always comfortable to wear and of lasting quality. Our scarf collection includes such leading brands as Besos, Moschino, Christian Lacroix, Pollini, Syster P, KudibalWhiite and Andéol. We hand-pick from their range, so as to offer you the very best scarves and shawls from each line.

Scarves are one of the most important accessories today

A beautiful scarf, in a great quality fabric, will obviously warm you up on a chilly day. But at the same time, a scarf can also help to express your personality, mood and individual style, based on your choice of colour, size, material, design and, not least, how the scarf is styled. A scarf can dress an outfit up or down depending on the material and the way it is styled around the neck or over the shoulders. You can match a scarf to your outfit by choosing a piece in the same palate, or alternatively let it be the eye-catcher in a beautiful contrasting shade. At Besos Scarves we have a huge selection of scarves in all the latest trends and also in a range of classic designs. We stock pieces in the seasons best colours, and choose only the finest fabrics, with a strong focus on craftsmanship - which all combine to deliver a collection of beautiful designer scarves. Whether you are interested in silk scarves, cashmere scarves, pure grade wool scarves or blended fabrics, we only sell scarves that we would wear ourselves, so you can always be confident in our product.

Besos Scarves collection of scarves

Besos Scarves collection of scarves are carefully selected from the best brands, both in Denmark and abroad. We choose only the highest grade materials and select from the best natural materials, so they are always comfortable to wear, easy to style and of lasting quality. Our designer scarves are from leading brands internationally (including Besos, Moschino, Christian Lacroix, Pollini, Syster PKudibalWhiite and Andéol). We hand pick from their ranges so as to offer you the best pieces from each brand.

Choose from our huge selection of scarves at Besos Scarves

At Besos Scarves you can find a great selection of gorgeous scarves for every occasion. Are you looking for a classic woollen scarf in one of our 16 basic colours or a trendy animal print scarf? Are you interested in Besos, Christian Lacroix, Moschino, Christian Lacroix, PolliniKudibalWhiite or Andéol? We stock a wide range of designer brands to choose between. A scarf can both be upmarket or casual - and can also be styled as a shawl around your shoulders with a party dress.

Buy your scarf online at Besos Scarves

At Besos Scarves we have a large selection of scarves for every occasions. Are you looking for a unique scarf in a beautiful mix of animal print and polka dots, or an exclusive handmade scarf in 100% cashmere, then Besos Scarves has something for you! You can pay via Paypal, Visa or Mastercard and we'll deliver your scarf with Post Denmark, GLS or UPS. We offer an 100% satisfaction guarantee and 30 day full return and refund policy. We have free shipping on all orders over over €200 and fast delivery! If you need help to choose your scarf, we are always ready to guide you and can offer advice on colour, size, quality and styling. Our local customers are also always welcome to visit our showroom in Langesø, DK, 5462 Morud.